How Are We Doing?

Dear Extension Program Participant,

Thank you for being a part of our program! We hope you can take a few minutes of your time to provide your comments on the value of our programs. By doing so you are helping us better meet the needs of Milwaukee County residents with high quality programs. Even if you do not live in Milwaukee County your comments are still helpful for our programming.

By providing your name and address you help us communicate the value of Milwaukee County UW-Extension to our County officials. We will share your response with your County Supervisor and the County Executive’s office. The county helps to support the UW-Extension office.

We assure you that UW-Extension will not share this information with anyone else besides these two county officials. We may use your comments for reports or in marketing materials, using only a first name.

We truly appreciate your willingness to give us this valuable feedback.

Take our program survey here.

The Staff of the Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension

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