We’re All Abuzz About Brooke

Wher Nature Center Naturalist Brooke Gilley

Wehr Nature Center Outreach Naturalist, Brooke Gilley was officially named the first Regional Lead Bee Ambassador for The Honeybee Conservancy this June.  She has been involved with The Honeybee Conservancy since being awarded a Sponsor-A-Hive Grant in 2017.

Kristin Berger Martinez, Program Manager at The Honeybee Conservancy offered this new role to Brooke after acknowledging her many contributions as a Bee Ambassador this past year.

This is a great honor for Brooke and she is excited about being involved in this new endeavor.  Brooke is very passionate about pollinator conservation and bringing awareness to our 400-500 species of bees within Wisconsin, especially our 20 species of Bumble Bees.

This is strictly a volunteer position.  As part of her new duties as a Regional Lead, Brooke will engage fellow Bee Ambassadors via social media as well as develop educational materials for The Honeybee Conservancy events such as their upcoming BeeBlitz.

Brooke provides outreach programs in schools as well as in the Milwaukee County Parks helping students to connect to nature. Her main area of expertise is insects: specifically butterflies and bees.

Congratulations Brooke and we are so excited to be part of this effort to Pollinator Conservation!

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