Support Materials for STEM Leaders

Below are resources for schools or educators interested in implementing the program in your school, county, or state.

Introductory Materials for Program Replication and Implementation

4-H SySTEMatics Program Logic Model
The logic model identifies the strategic plans and community needs that the program strives to address.  The logic model was created by staff and the 4-H SySTEMatics Advisory Team.

Implementation Powerpoint Presentation
This powerpoint presentation provides guidelines for implementing the program along with the program’s structure, results, etc.

Curriculum for Year Round STEM  4-H Club Sites
Below are the two level curriculum books that compromise the science, engineering, and college preparation lessons.

STEM Level 1 Book  -Year 1 allows youth to sample a variety of science, engineering, and technology based lessons from National 4-H Curriculum ranging from electricity to ecology.  The book also includes additional lessons focusing on preparing youth to live independently as adults managing their finances and developing a self awareness of employability skills  through identifying their personality traits and interviewing skills.

STEM Level 2 Book–  Year 2 requires youth to focus on 2 major areas of study.  The book focused on curriculum from the following 4-H project areas: Aerospace, Animal Science, Botany, Ecology, Robotics (Mechanical Science), and Weather.  The book also includes lessons on becoming aware of their learning styles, applying for higher education and evaluating the merits of their college application, and importance of budgeting based a certain lifestyle.

Standards of Instruction and Community Partnership

Site Rubric The rubric evaluates the site’s ability to create an experiential learning environment, the quality of STEM instruction, the level of support from the community partner, and the management of the site.

Evaluation Tools

The evaluations are designed to measure the program’s impact on student learning and skill development.  Evaluations are gathered from three audiences including educators/volunteers, guardians/parents, and youth.  All surveys are completed using an online survey tool called Qualtrics.  Links to the appropriate surveys in the Qualtric System are below.

Passive Consent Form and Letter for Youth Surveys

Note: Staff at Milwaukee Public Schools per district requirements must use the passive consent form with students prior to conducting the survey.  Any consent forms returned imply that the youth cannot take the survey due to parent or guardian consent being denied.

Parent/Guardian Survey in Spanish

Parent/Guardian Survey in English

Teacher/Volunteer Survey in English

Youth Student Survey in English

Youth and Adult Enrollment Process

Enrollment Instructions and Online Database Link

University of Wisconsin-Waukesha -STEM Field
Below are the materials for attending the UW-Waukesha CE STEM Field Experience.  Please use this information to recruit and register students.

UW Waukesha STEM Day-Flyer-Permission Slips
Youth Health Form

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