Searching the Internet for Reliable Information

To find other sources of accurate, university research-based, unbiased, up-to-date information —

  • Using the browser of your choice, in the search bar enter your keyword or phrase followed by a space and the words (site colon dot edu).  The search results will be only from educational sites that provide only university research-based information.  This eliminates the clutter of commercial sites that may not be accurate.
  • Select Wisconsin sites if available (uwex or
  • Or select sites from other states with climates similar to Wisconsin, such as:
    • Michigan State University (msu)
    • University of Minnesota (umn)
    • Cornell University (cornell)
    • Pennsylvania State University (psu)
    • Iowa State University (iastate)
    • University of Illinois (illinois)
    • Purdue University (purdue)
    • Ohio State University (osu)
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