4-H Portfolios

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What is a Portfolio?

A 4-H Portfolio is a log of the knowledge and skills learned during the year in which you include pictures, descriptions, and goals in explaining your club and project work. Enjoy this opportunity to show your work to others.

Who needs/should have a Portfolio?

A portfolio should be completed by any 4-H member who wishes to receive recognition for 4-H participation awards and/or project awards.

Why would I want to complete a Portfolio?

  • This process is for youth to earn awards and recognition for the work that they have done in 4-H Clubs and Project Areas.
  • This process will help youth prepare Membership Evaluation (M.E.) applications for the interview process to earn major awards and scholarship opportunities (special awards, camps, and trips). The ME process requires youth to have several years of information available for Major Award forms!
  • Members can easily find information in their books when they create a college application, job application, resumes, and scholarships.
  • Learn the importance of keeping accurate financial records, setting goals, and managing your time

Guides to Assist 4-H youth to complete the Portfolio

Portfolio Worksheets

To be eligible for a countywide 4-H award, please complete a 4-H portfolio.  The portfolio is a collection of the worksheets below.  Complete each worksheet and assemble the book in the order of the sheets listed below. Further help can be found in the Guidelines for Portfolio Completion Document above.



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