Who’s Who in 4-H?

What is the 4-H Youth Development Educator?

The4-H Youth Development Educator is responsible for overseeing all of the county 4-H activities.

What is a Leader?

A Leader is an adult who has volunteered his or her time to work with kids by serving as advisors of 4-H clubs. They do things like arrange for places to meet, work with your club officers on meetings and activities, and help kids out with their projects. Leaders will also work with you on demonstrations, Share-the-Fun Acts, and other activities you might like to participate in. Many Leaders also work very hard helping to put on the fair.

Are there different kinds of leaders?

Yes. Some adults teach members how to do things and are called “project leaders.” They usually have a special interest or skill such as photography or clothing or gardening. Adults who help a group get organized and run its meetings are called “organizational leaders.”

What do the officers in clubs have to do?

4-H clubs may have officers and whatever committees they need to conduct their business. 4-H has instructional materials available for presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, news reporters, recreation leaders, health and safety leaders, song leaders, and devotions officers. The club may have any number of officers depending on its needs. It is a good idea to wait until the second or third meeting to elect officers so members know each other.

Who are youth leaders?

Youth leaders are older 4-H members who enroll in the Youth Leadership project to develop skills in working with others. These teens assist the club leader and members with project work, club program and activities, and county events.

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