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A Monarch butterfly on a pinkish purple flower.

Gardening Tips: Protect and Promote Pollinators

Pollinating insects such as bees, flies, butterflies, moths, wasps, and beetles play a key role in seed production for many flowering plants in the world. Horticulture Outreach Specialist Vijai Pandian gives advice on how to attract and support pollinators in your gardens.


Addressing Plant Health Issues: Boxwood Bushes and Austrian Pines

By Vijaikumar Pandian What’s Happening to Green Boxwood Hedge?  Bleached leaves and twig dieback are a common plight of this year’s boxwood bush caused by winter burn/winter desiccation injury. The winter damages observed on the boxwood in southeast Wisconsin region ranges from yellowing leaves on the top few inches or on the sides of the […]