How to File a Discrimination or Harassment Report

At Extension Milwaukee County, we have a vision of providing maximum access to the University of Wisconsin educational resources and research for the benefit of Wisconsin’s residents. Acts of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation undermine that vision by threatening the careers, educational experience, and/or well-being of faculty, staff, students, applicants for employment, program participants, volunteers, and members of the public.

We take complaints related to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Civil Rights, and Sexual Harassment very seriously. A complaint or charge of discrimination or harassment can be registered by any person (employee, program or activity participant, job applicant, visitor, volunteer, etc.) who has reason to believe that they have been subjected to or witnessed unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation in an Extension education program or activity, or in the employment setting.

If you believe you experienced or witnessed discrimination, harassment, or retaliation when obtaining services from Extension Milwaukee County please file a report using the How to File a Discrimination Report instructions.

For further information, please see the UW- Madison Division of Extension policy on Unlawful Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Protected Status Harassment, and Retaliation.