Community Development

What UW- Madison Extension Community Development Does

The Community Development program provides educational programming to assist leaders, communities, and organizations realize their fullest potential. We work with communities to build the vitality that enhances their quality of life and enriches the lives of their residents. We educate in leadership development, organizational development, food systems, community economic development, local government education, and much more. In short, the Community Development Institute plants and cultivates the seeds for thriving communities and organizations.


What We Offer

Current Programs: 

Certified Public Manager Program:

  • The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is a nationally accredited management development program that prepares managers in federal, state, and local government and in tribal and nonprofit organizations for the challenges and unique demands of the public management profession.  The certified program will be offered by UW Madison Extension in the Milwaukee area beginning in 2022. 
  • For further information contact Jerry Braatz at or at 262 894-6589


Community Food Systems:

  • Supporting food-related businesses, entrepreneurs, and community efforts to develop the local food system. 
  • For more information, contact Patrick Nehring at or 414-615-0526.


Nonprofit Development Resources:

  • Educational programs and consultation for nonprofit organization leaders and board of directors to provide instruction in the formation of a nonprofit organization, bylaws, governance, and operation to accomplish their mission to improve the local community.
  • See this Nonprofit Leadership Development Opportunities list for Patrick’s current offerings in collaboration with Extension Brown County and UW Green Bay.
  • For more information, contact Patrick Nehring at or 414-615-0526.


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