How Can You Help Milwaukee County UW Extension Keep Doing Its Work?

The Milwaukee County UW-Extension is a partnership between the UW system and Milwaukee County. Through this partnership we are able to use the research and network of the UW system to help our communities in Milwaukee County thrive.  In order to keep doing our work we need the county to continue its annual re-commitment through their budget process. You can help us keep that partnership healthy by sharing your story at one of the public hearings in October.


What does sharing your story look like?

Take two minutes to:

  • Thank the supervisors for supporting UW-Extension in the past.
  • Explain how Milwaukee County UW- Extension has impacted your life or your clients’
    • A quick personal story is usually effective
  • Why is the service we provide important to you and your community?
  • What would happen if you or your community didn’t have those services anymore?
  • Wrap up by saying UW-Extension is vital and ask the county to grant the UWEX 2018 Budget Request.


Three Opportunities to Communicate the Value of UW Extension to the County Board


The County Board has three public hearings in October.


  1. Finance Committee Public Hearing on the 2018 Co. Budget

Monday, October 16th at 6:00 p.m.

Washington Park Senior Center

4420 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI 53208


  1. (Co. Board) Chairman’s Chat (Theo Lipscomb)

Wed. Oct. 25th  6-7 p.m.

North Shore Library

6800 N. Port Washington Rd.

Glendale, WI  53217


  1. County Board Public Hearing on the 2018 Co. Budget

Monday, Oct. 30th at 6:30 p.m.

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (Bradley Pavilion)

929 N Water Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202  (parking will be free)

There will be a large turnout for this event, so please arrive early to fill out a card to speak.



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