Master Gardener Volunteer Program

Anyone interested in learning more about nurturing plants and sharing that knowledge with others is a good candidate to become a Master Gardener Volunteer.

Master Gardener volunteers (MGVs) are adults, 18 years and older trained by UW-Madison Division of Extension in many aspects of gardening and horticulture.  In return, Master Gardeners volunteer to help with horticultural education programs provided by Extension and a wide variety of community service projects.

Historically, Level 1 Training for Milwaukee and Waukesha residents was offered every fall from September through December for 13 consecutive weeks.  There were daytime and evening options every year.  For the fall of 2020, this training will be not be held in person but online.  At this time all details for the training have not been confirmed. Training may not begin until October and may run through January with a break during the holidays.

Since this is a volunteer program, in addition to the training course there is a volunteer requirement.  To become certified and to re-certify annually, volunteers are required to perform a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer service on approved projects.  Master Gardener Volunteers who are re-certifying must also attend 10 hours of educational programming for continuing education each year.

To receive registration information for the next training course, please fill out this Google Form. We will use the information you provide in the Google form to send you registration information when it is available. Watch your e-mail in August and/or early September for registration information.

For more information, visit the Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardeners website.

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