Shovel dug into soil

2020 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course

Registration for the 2020 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Short Course is now open!  This four-week short course is intended for green industry and landscape professionals, park and grounds maintenance staff, and horticultural enthusiasts interested in learning more. Read on to learn more.

Rolled up dollar bills planted in soil.

Financial Education Volunteer Training Program Now Free!

Upcoming training opportunity with Milwaukee County Extension Financial Education Program. Individuals who complete this three-part training program (October 7, 14, and 21) will learn how to help individuals and groups set goals, reconcile debt, budget spending, organize financial records, control cash flow, become financially empowered, plan for the future, and save money for important purchases, including their children’s post-secondary education.

Wild cucumber is a vine with 5 point leaves and white flowers. The white flowers grow into seed pods with spines.

Wild Cucumber Invasion

By Vijai Pandian, Horticulture Educator All plants, including weeds, are conspicuous in the natural landscape at a certain season. In early autumn, one such attractive weed that has begun to catch attention in southeast Wisconsin is wild cucumber (Echinocystis lobata).  Native to Wisconsin, wild cucumber is a fast-growing annual vine that grows along roadsides, ditches, […]